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From: Mark Patricks


Dear Friend,

If you’ve been online for any time now... and you still don’t have a single red cent to show for it, or so little it’s not worth writing home about...

I’m here to tell you, “It’s not your fault!”

Let me explain exactly why.


You Were Set Up
To Lose This Car Race


Imagine this.

You’re about to enter a drag race.

What this means is it’s a straight-line course. No driving skill required. All you have to do is step on the gas pedal.

So it all comes down to the car itself.

But here’s the catch.

In this race, you’ve been given a manual... to build your own car. Worse, you need to buy all the parts yourself, out of your own pocket.

So, not only do you have to learn how to build your own car, you also have to pay for the parts and put it all together. All this... while you’re working your current day job. 40-60 hours a week.

When you finally put together your first car (knowing most people gave up at the manual)... you head to the starting line, your engine coughing, sputtering and loud.

And then your opponent drives up. He’s in a Lamborghini fresh from the factory, the paint still wet and glistening.

And the kicker? The guy driving the Lamborghini? He’s the same guy who sold you the “build-your-own-race-car” manual in the first place... AND convinced you to drive drag races for money!

Are you ticked off? I know I am. It’s unfair to the nth degree.

But... if you think about it, didn’t I just describe “making money online” to you? Weren’t you sold an eBook, course or a seminar telling you how to build your own online business?

Well, here’s where it stops. Right here. Right now.

My team and I just developed a software that pumps out “Lamborghinis”, “Ferraris” and “Porsches” at a fee anyone can afford... if you’re serious about finally making real money online.


The Bad News...


I need you to pay close attention right now because...

This website could be taken down any minute. As you read this, know that over a hundred thousand people were invited to see this very web page... Every one of them sent here at the same time.

What you’re about to discover is very limited. And it can change how you make money online forever. Giving you pay days of up to $6,620 per day... $18,565 every two weeks... and even up to $35,839 a month or more!

But the most surprising thing about this all?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been trying to make money online for the longest time... you’re barely scraping by or you’ve just started. Because what I’m about to show you is the easiest, fastest way to start generating income online with a proven, hands-off, turnkey business system.

In fact, it’s all done-for-you at an outrageously low one-time investment anyone can afford. So it doesn’t matter who you are, how much you’ve struggled so far... whether you’ve made a penny online or not.


This System Can Work For You...


Even If You Have No Experience. This is perfect for you if you’ve never made a penny online. It’s quite possibly the easiest, fastest way to start!

Even If You Don’t Know The Techie-Stuff. We’ll take care of all that for you. This is a fully done-for-you solution anyone can afford.

Even If You Have Little To No Money. We’ll show you over 27 FREE ways to find pre-qualified customers quickly and easily without paying for advertising, marketing or traffic... and it won’t take you more than 10-15 minutes a day!

Even If You Have Hardly Any Time. It’s one-and-done without you doing a lick of work and we’ll be doing free lifetime updates on your online business! You could do as little as ten to fifteen minutes a day of “work” and still profit.

Even If You’ve Tried Everything Else Out There Already. On this webpage, I’ll tell you exactly why what’s out there hasn’t worked for you... and how you can finally start cashing in online.
You simply won’t believe how easy this is.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know SEO, PPC, CPA and all that online marketing mumbo-jumbo. It doesn’t matter if you’re scraping by paycheck-to-paycheck, wondering if you’ll ever get ahead. It doesn’t matter if everyone is else is taking your money away all the time – taxes, bills, insurance, mortgage, car payments...

What I’m about to share with you could very well DESTROY all those problems from your life... forever.


How An Ex-Corporate Drone Quit His Cozy Job
And Started His Own 7-Figure Company
To Help People Do The Same


My name is Mark Patricks. 5 years ago, I was working for a reclusive millionaire. Here’s a guy who had over $50 million in the bank running over eight companies.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t one of those bitter, desperate and angry employees who hated his job, hated his boss and worked long hours just to pay his bills. Not at all. I actually liked my job. In fact, I loved it. Who wouldn’t want to work closely with someone who’s “made it”? Every day was literally a MBA in “getting rich”.

But while I was working there, the strangest thing happened. Despite getting “insider access” to how well-oiled, money-making businesses were built and run... my own bank account looked pitiful. It made no sense... until I finally realized the big secret staring right at me in the mirror.

While I was taking care of this millionaire’s many businesses... I didn’t do a single thing to take care of my own business. I had a “rich brain” with nothing to show for it. Have you ever been there? You’ve read all the books, listened to all the tapes and even went to the seminars... but you didn’t have a single red cent to show for it?

And your spouse is wondering when you’re going to go off on another “get rich scheme”? I’ve been there. I know exactly what that’s like. There are just so many “opportunities” out there like day-trading, real estate, MLM etc. etc.

It’s frustrating, time-consuming and expensive. And it seems like none of it really works. At least not for everyone... unless you’re one of the lucky few.

So when it finally “clicked” for me online... I was in complete disbelief. I remember that first month when I saw a five figure check in my mailbox. My heart was thumping. Blood racing uncontrollably. I felt so light, I thought I would float away. I just didn’t know how to deal with it. In fact, I dismissed it as pure, dumb luck.

But it happened again the next month, and the month after that, and after that. That’s when I realized that this may be the real thing. That’s when I realized I was finally really making money online.

But I wanted to be sure. Was it me? Was it luck? Could someone else do what I did and make the same kind of money I was making?

That’s when I decided to do “Project: Reality-Test”.

I asked a few close friends who could follow basic instructions to do exactly what I did. Over a few nights, I showed them what I did and how I did it. You won’t believe the results I got for them.

But first, I want to talk to you about...


The Three Big Mistakes
Everyone Makes When Trying
To Start An Online Business


There are three reasons why most people fail at starting a successful business online. I know this after years of coaching and helping others build six to seven figure websites. And I want to share it with you... because I’m going to show you exactly how to easily and quickly break-through these walls... and start making money without these limits.

Mistake #1: Finding A Low Competition Niche Market

Most people get caught up with “step one”. Which is finding a niche market. Some gurus will tell you to do what you’re passionate in. Others will tell you to do keyword and competitive research. It’s all very confusing.

What very few of them tell you though, is that there are only three (yes, three) industries that make the average guy BIG BUCKS. I’m not talking about cute, little niche websites that make $200 - $1,000 a month. Those are nice, but they won’t make you rich.

Mistake #2: Creating Products

If you get past the whole “which niche to go into” fiasco, and while you’re worrying about whether you made the right decision or not... you then have to “create a product” or find proven, hot products you can be an affiliate for.

This puts the average person in a whole new level of headaches. One, product creation is always harder than gurus make it out to be. Plus some people spend so much time creating a product that they never sell anything.

Mistake #3: Dealing With Technology

The third reason why people get “hung up” and don’t make money online (even when they know exactly how to) is the technology! Putting up a website, coding it and designing it can be extremely frustrating, even if you know an “easy” website-building software like WordPress inside out!

Some people try to outsource this, but that ends up being a big pain. First, you have to hire, manage and follow-up with your vendor. Secondly, you’ll never know if they’ll run away with the money (especially if they’re in a different country). Next, you could end up with results you don’t like. Finally, if they’re out of the country, you have a language barrier, long-distance and weird time zones to deal with.

Listen – I haven’t even begun to talk about all the other mistakes once you get past these first three hurdles. There’s still traffic, shopping carts, payment systems, product delivery, customer service, shipping and handling and on and on and on...

What If I Took All That Away
And Did All The “Grunt Work” For You...


So going back to the friends I was talking about... The few I handpicked to do exactly as I told them to. Did they end up making tons of money?

Well, yes and no. They eventually made out like Internet bandits, with me to thank. But you wouldn’t believe how difficult it was at first. Not because what I was showing them didn’t work... but because my friends kept trying to do things “their way”.

Are you surprised by this? I know I was. It was the strangest thing. Even though I knew about the three most common mistakes people make about starting a business... and I even told them what they were... THEY STILL MADE THEM!!!

First, they argued with me about the three niche markets I told them focus on. They kept saying, “But Mark, I want to do X or Y instead. I like that market.” Or they “heard” good things about another market.

Imagine it was guaranteed you would strike gold if you started digging where you stood in 5 minutes. Would you start digging? Or would you look to dig somewhere else? I think it’s obvious where you’d dig… But some people never learn.

And then, one of them got greedy (before he made a single cent online) and thought he could make one of these “products” and keep 100% of the sales for himself instead of sharing. He stopped pursuing that when that project kept sitting on the sidelines.

And finally, another friend (a smarter one) got obsessed with tinkering with the code on my websites! Of all things to waste time on! I told him to STOP. In fact, one night I got so fed up with them “trying” different things, I decided that I needed to “systemize” everything so it’s easy as 1-2-3 and make it so that 90% of it’s done-for-you.

That’s when I turned my online money making idea into templates anyone can simply copy and paste. But I went one step further. I installed my system for my friends on my private server and hooked it up to their bank account... so they couldn’t “tinker” with anything.

That’s when things finally started clicking.

You Could Start Making
Money In The Next Five Minutes...
If You’d Simply Let Me Do Most Of The Work


It sounds hard-to-believe... But what I’m about to share with you will do exactly that.

And you can really kick-back and relax as the money rolls in. This is a system that’s so simple, you don’t have to learn a bunch of confusing, complicated marketing. In fact, you can say “NO!” to the following...

• Forget PPC and dealing with Google
• Forget SEO and staying on top of the latest techniques
• Forget Creating Products – that’s too much work!
• Forget Doing Launches – that’s even more work!
• Forget Domain squatting and gambling with your money
• Forget CPA – it’s a big waste of your hard-earned cash

Instead, I want you to imagine this...

A pre-built, proven and profitable website ready-to-go in less than five minutes.

All the technology... coding, design, layout, updates, upgrades, hosting, maintenance... taken care of. You won’t see a single line of code... ever.

All the decisions about which niche to go into... taken care of. We’ll custom-design your website around three of the fastest-growing and most-profitable niche markets today.

All the worries about which products to promote... taken care of. Your website will be fully-stocked with the hottest, best-selling products... all pre-filled with scorching, ad copy written by some of the best copywriters in the world... top products all ready to fly-off-the-shelves.

And to have it all with a low, unbelievable one-time set-up fee anyone can afford. An investment just about anyone could double their returns on in thirty days or less...

It’s here. It’s here for you and it’s here now...


The Turnkey Digital Empire:
The Fastest, Easiest Way To Start A Proven,
Profitable Online Business In Five Minutes Or less


What is the Turnkey Digital Empire?

In as few words as possible, my team and I will build you three online “digital empire sites” fully-stocked and updated with the hottest and best-selling products in three of the fastest-growing industries today.

We’ll show you how to flood these sites with eager buyers ready to fill your bank account on a daily basis. And we’ll do all this for a small one-time fee. (Yes, one-time. Not a monthly recurring fee, nor a fake one-time with hidden costs).

But first, it’s important we look at what the Turnkey Digital Empire isn’t. Because, frankly...


I’m Personally Sick Of Push-Button, One-Click
Make-Money Software That Doesn’t Work!

The Turnkey Digital Empire is not that. Specifically...

It’s not a software that helps you find opportunities, keywords, old domains or whatever online... leaving you confused as to what to do with them after you find them.

It’s not a traffic system that shows you how to spend tons of time and money on getting eyeballs... leaving you with no idea how to turn that traffic into money.

It’s not a complicated blog pinging or bogus link generating software... where it creates useless backlinks and a lot of “grey area” work that could get you in trouble.

It’s not a website-builder where it helps you create “cash-generating” sites... but leaves you with no idea how to get buyers to the website.

It’s not something that will take you a long time to set up and figure out. It’s actually something that’s done-for-you and ready-to-go in less than five minutes after you register.

Frankly, it’s already hard enough putting all the different pieces of the online jigsaw puzzle. Why “marketing gurus” would also force you to hunt down the different pieces is beyond me. When I developed the Turnkey Digital Empire, I wanted to make sure I gave you the most complete, hands-off system as possible.

Here’s What The Turnkey Digital Empire Is...


It’s three, not one, not two, but three different websites in three of the fastest-growing and most-profitable industries online today. Which means you do not have to spend hours wondering “which niche to go into”... and then worrying about whether you picked the right one or not.

It’s pre-built and ready-to-go the moment you register. You do not have to spend days looking for web designers, coders, graphic designers, layout artists, writers. None of that. You don’t have to worry about outsourcers doing shoddy jobs, running away with your money, nor not being able to pick up the phone and talk to them because of long-distance charges and/or language barriers.

Seriously, review that last bullet again. It’s up-and-running in less than five minutes after you register! I can’t emphasize this enough. It’s one thing to read tons of eBooks, go through courses, go to seminars. I know many people who did that and don’t do anything about it. Well, here I’m doing it for you. This is an online business you can show to your friends and family five minutes after you register.

It’s pre-loaded with the hottest, best-selling online products today. You don’t have to analyze a bunch of numbers, charts and data to figure out which products to promote. We’ll update your website with the best products. And we’ll keep doing it. You don’t have to do a single thing.

You’ll get a short easy-to-read manual... showing you the exact step-by-step blueprint of getting thousands of visitors to your website quickly, for free. There are over twenty-seven ways included, each and everyone proven and personally used by me to get results.

It comes with lifetime updates and maintenance. You read that right. We’ll keep your website fresh, updated and we’ll keep adding new products, while removing old products. You won’t have to worry one bit about your inventory, what’s displayed on your front page or “dead links” on your site. We’ve got that covered.

Quite simply, in less than five minutes, you will have all three websites set-up, fully-functional and ready to start generating you money from the best products online today.

But wait – that’s not the best part in all of this...

Aside From Handling Everything For You
And Updating Your Digital Empire
With Hot New Products Nearly Every Day...


You’ve got to be asking yourself... what’s the investment?

It’s a fair question. And one I wouldn’t take lightly. It’s important to take a close look at what’s involved here. My first question is... what would it cost you to do this yourself?

Let’s say, conservatively, you could build one of these sites yourself. And let’s suppose you were able to find and hire good, competent vendors for a decent price. Let’s break down the numbers...

Domain Name Registration... $12/year
Website Hosting...                $120/year
Installation & Coding...          $500
Website Design...                 $500
Monthly Updates...               $100/month

All in all, it would cost about $1,000 to set up and then about $111 to maintain each and every month before taxes. So by the end of year one, you’ll have invested a total of $2,332.

You may have even paid for some of these bills yourself before… So you know exactly what I’m talking about.

And that’s just for one website.

(Remember, the Turnkey Digital Empire comes with three fully stocked and loaded websites in three separate fast-growing industries).

So if you were to replicate what the Turnkey Digital Empire did yourself, it could run your bill up to $6,996 or more.

Fortunately, that is far from what you’ll invest in the Turnkey Digital Empire. In fact, it won’t even cost you $5,000... nor $3,000... not even $2,000! Now, technically, I could charge you $1,500 or more for this. Reason being, I have a small team to help me set these websites up quickly... so you can start making money right away. However...


Put Away Your Wallet, Because
You’re In For A Big Surprise...


You see, over the last twelve months or so, my team and I have developed a software that can get “digital empires” up-and-running and ready to make money in less than five minutes.

This is one of the MAJOR reasons how I’ve been able to generate the results I’ve personally gotten myself. Results like $6,620 per day... $18,565 every two weeks... and even up to $35,839 a month or more...

This proprietary software running on our own private server cost us over $25,000 in development time and labor. It’s truly a work of wonder. And it’s available to you now.

Your investment fee for us to set-up, build and maintain your three site digital empire is a small one-time fee of $297. That’s right. That’s less than a hundred dollars each. You cannot possibly find a better deal anywhere else. We’re talking about coding, design, all the technology... and constant updates with best-selling products.

Now – understand this, because it’s important I emphasize this: This is a one-time fee with lifetime upgrades and maintenance. Nowhere else can you convince any website designer to do this for you. They would laugh in your face.

However – with all that said... this deal can actually get better. You see, as you read this, you are a part of a very special and unique group of people. You are, the very first to see this offer made available. And because of that, you are a part of the beta-launch of the Turnkey Digital Empire. To celebrate that, we are offering a very limited number of early bird customers with a very special offer.

Because you’re reading this webpage right now, it means you are one of the first few people to see this offer. And to thank you, we’ve taken a generous price-slash of 67% off our regular fee of $297 to $97. This deal could be taken down any minute now. To take advantage of this 67% discount, click on the button below now.



Can this deal possibly get better? It can. Because I’m also going to throw in my...


That’s right. When you invest in The Turnkey Digital Empire system, you are investing RISK-FREE. Quite simply, if you don’t double your investment in 30 days or less by following the simple instructions provided you... along with your three personal online malls, each stocked and updated with the Internet’s hottest, best-selling products each and every day... Then I will refund you every single penny. Just like that.

This is how strong I feel about The Turnkey Digital Empire software I’ve developed with my team. It’s the very same proven, profitable system I’ve personally used to make up to $6,620 a day, $18,565 every two weeks and even up to $35,839 a month.

Now with those kinds of numbers... can you possibly say you, yourself, cannot make a measly $194 in thirty days?

But I can see where you're coming from. You’ve tried other “proven” money-making systems before, and you may not have gotten the most stellar results. In fact, several of them flat-out didn’t work. I GET THAT. So I’ll do you one better.

If, for any reason at all, over the next thirty days you’re not 100% satisfied with the Digi-Junction Mall System... any reason or even no reason at all... simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund you, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We’ll simply take down your digital Empire and issue it to someone else.


All the risk is on me. You have absolutely nothing to lose... you will have THREE powerful, proven, profit-generating websites set up for you in less than five minutes when you invest in the Turnkey Digital Empire today. Set up your RISK-FREE digital empire filled with fast-selling, high-commission products now. Click on the link below...



I’ve Taken Away All Your Excuses
For Not Making Money Online...
Now It’s Time For You To Decide


It’s decision time. It’s time to ask yourself some serious questions.

Now that I’ve removed practically every possible excuse you could have for not making money online...

You have three choices before you.

One – You can ignore everything I’ve told you about how fast, how easy, and how profitable the Turnkey Digital Empire is. How – in less than five minutes, you could be set up with an online empire ready to generate you consistent, life-changing paychecks sent directly to your front-door.

Yes, you can ignore all that and go back to searching for the next bright shiny object. And you can keep complaining about how the gurus are out to rip you off. Or you can keep spinning your wheels with make-money products that simply don’t work.

Two – You can take too long to make a decision, and end up not doing anything. To me, this is actually worst than the first choice. Because in this one, you know that the Turnkey Digital Empire can and will change your life. But because you stalled and waited, you’ll come back to this website to see this:

You see, while my team and I can get you started in less than five minutes... generating profits like $6,620 per day... $18,565 every two weeks... and even up to $35,839 a month or more...


Unfortunately, We MUST Limit
This Service To A Few Select Individuals


There are several reasons for this.

First of all, we don’t want too many people to have this groundbreaking business system. Too many and it could make the rest less effective.

Secondly, understand this... we can’t offer the special lifetime maintenance and upgrades for a one-time fee forever. In the near future, we will have to turn this into a monthly-fee service. There’s just no way we can offer an unlimited number of people with free tech support, coding and web design.

Finally, the current investment on the Turnkey Digital Empire is an absolute STEAL. The only reason we’re offering it for such a lowball price is because you will be a part of the beta-launch. You’re getting in on the ground floor before anyone else does.

So, choice #1 is to ignore what you’ve read here. Choice #2 is to do nothing and lose out. What’s choice #3?


Start A Cash-Generating Business
In Less Than Five Minutes
And Have Something To Show For It


Quite simply, invest in the Turnkey Digital Empire today. In less than five minutes, my team will have your three websites up and running, fully-stocked with the best-selling hottest new products... ready to start generating you unheard-of online profits. It’s that quick and easy.

In less than five minutes, your three websites are DONE and READY. I cannot emphasize that enough. You’re not getting a manual showing you how to do it. You’re not paying a website designer to get something done in weeks or even months. You’re not hiring a coach to talk you through it.

You are getting THREE websites up-and-running. Three websites you can show your friends and family. Three websites that could start making you money.

Register your Turnkey Digital Empire now...




Mark Patricks
CEO & Founder of the Turnkey Digital Empire



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